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Homeworking revolution has opened up a new ‘class divide’, research finds

People in working class occupations are less likely to have access to flexible hours, the TUC has found.

Bosses forcing 1 in 10 “needlessly” back into work

More evidence has been uncovered that employers are breaching Covid rules, but enforcement is so weak they can act with impunity.

Govt warned to stop ‘strongarming’ care workers

GMB has warned that forced vaccinations may lead to a staff shortage crisis in the care sector.

Govt allows anyone to spark investigations into trade unions

The Certification Officer will be given the power to investigate non-member complaints about trade unions and charge them for the pleasure.

New govt employment law enforcement body is “the least they can do”

While the IER welcomes the introduction of a new enforcement body for workers' rights, the one the government has proposed falls far short.

ILO warns increased push for good quality jobs only way out of “unparalleled” employment crisis

A shortfall of work that extends for years after the world recovers from Covid-19 is expected to drive the creation of poor-quality jobs.

Govt ‘trying to put itself above the law’, MPs and Lords say

MPs from opposition parties have come together to ask the government to step back from an "assault on the rule of law".

PHE faces legal action for ‘hiding’ Indian variant stats

PHE is facing accusations that it caved under political pressure.

CJEU ruling will make it easier for supermarket workers to claim equal pay

A European Court has confirmed that shop floor workers and their warehouse colleagues can be compared for the purposes of equal pay.

Govt ‘could face corporate manslaughter charges’ over care home failures

A lawyer has written that Dominic Cummings' testimony, if true, could lead to criminal charges against the government.

Tribunal ruling outlaws intimidation of trade unionists

The Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 was found to be in breach of international human rights law.

Uber recognises GMB union

The union will now be able to negotiate pay and conditions for all 70,000 Uber drivers in the UK.
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