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MPs launch inquiry into discrimination against menopausal women at work

Most women are negatively impacted at work when going through the menopause.

Unemployment rose three times faster for BME groups over past year

Black and minority ethnic workers have been among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Discrimination claims based on menopause have more than tripled since 2018

The response of tribunals has so far been inconsistent but experts expect case numbers to keep rising.

Home working causing “epidemic of hidden overtime”

Women are particularly likely to be responding to work-related communications during their off hours.

Second junior doctors’ strike looms over NHS pay deal

The government may be about to preside over the second junior doctors' strike in a decade.

More than one in ten insecure workers given less than one day’s notice of hours

Workers are receiving less than 24 hours' notice of when they will be expected at work.

Labour Party recommits to IER proposal for universal status of worker

The Labour Party has confirmed that it will continue to push for the reform of the employment status system to abolish insecure work.

Unions celebrate win over third-party harassment protection

The government has announced that employers will be liable for protecting their workers from third-party harassment.

UK lawyers hit back at govt attempts to ‘undermine rule of law’

The Prime Minister has echoed the comments of Priti Patel in saying lawyers are "lefties" who act against the public interest.

Half of agency workers forced into exploitative umbrella companies, TUC estimates

Agency work is expected to soar in a post-pandemic UK and the TUC has warned exploitation is rife in the sector.

“Devil will be in the detail” of Labour Party’s ‘new deal for working people’

The IER welcomes the Labour Party's continued commitment to trade union rights, but warns that careful policymaking is critical to its success.

Govt ‘may quash dissent’ with Judicial Review reform

The new Judicial Review and Courts Bill will weaken citizens' rights when battling unlawful government actions.
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