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With privatisation “caring relationships become impossible”, Lord Hendy QC tells the House

Lord John Hendy QC told the House of Lords that the Elderly Social Care (Insurance) Bill does not respond to the crisis in social care.

MPs vote in favour of the Policing Bill

The Policing Bill has passed through the House of commons with the support of every single Conservative Party MP.

NHS Bill ‘opens the door to increased privatisation’

Private companies, including US-based insurance firms, will have a say on the provision of services.

“Absolutely no justification” for human rights reform

The Joint Commmitee on Human Rights has warned the government to abandon plans to "update" the Human Rights Act.

Policing Bill “oppressive and wrong” says Human Rights Committee

Both MPs and two-thirds of the public say they would be concerned about plans to criminalise protest.

Probation renationalised, but that’s not enough to fix past mistakes, govt warned

The national watchdog for probation has criticised Chris Grayling's ill-advised privatisation experiment and urged the government to fix it.

TUC calls for Long Covid to be recognised as a disability as sufferers face dismissal

One in 20 long Covid sufferers have already been forced out of their jobs.

Sick pay for all employees would cost just 1% of test and trace budget, TUC says

Hundreds of thousands of key workers got no sick pay for self isolating during the pandemic.

UN human rights expert says UK govt policymaking is “troubling”

The Policing Bill, CHIS Act and weakening of judicial review are all of concern to human rights.

Tribunals must take childcare disparities into account in sex discrimination cases, Judge rules

The decision came after a nurse was sacked because she needed predictable hours to look after her disabled children.

Toxic workplaces increase risk of depression by 300%, research finds

Poor management practices and lack of engagement with unions are key risk factors for clinical depression among workers.

‘Deregulation’ report recommends return of ‘one in, two out’ rule

Iain Duncan Smith's new report recommends ministers scrap two regulations for every one they impose.
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