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The UK’s longest-serving independent think tank for the trade union movement now offers cost-effective advertising space, reaching 10,000 trade unionists, policymakers, lawyers, academics, campaigners and individuals seeking employment law advice per month.

Who we are

The IER is a network of leading lawyers and employment rights experts, working with trade unions to develop and popularise a framework of law fit for the 21st century.

Established in 1989, we provide employment law education, research and analysis, public policy proposals and briefings to inform the debate over progressive alternatives to the status quo.

Our audience

The IER has a loyal core online audience of 10,000 trade unionists, policymakers, lawyers, academics and campaigners who view our website, follow our social media channels and receive regular weekly correspondence in the form of a news brief.

A significant portion of our visitors arrive on our website seeking employment law advice.

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    With a clickthrough rate of 13.3%, our newsletter substantially outperforms the industry average of 5.9%!

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