Employment law timeline

Use our interactive employment law timelines to track the development of workers' rights since 2010.

The IER employment law timeline was developed in 2012 to chart the introduction of policies, the airing of proposals and the calls of backbenchers and right-wing think tanks that have threatened the rights of UK workers since 2010.

We believe it is the only place currently available to view information on the drive against workers’ rights in a comprehensive and interactive way.

The timeline is constantly updated as news articles and other details emerge, and so is always a work in progress. If you feel we have missed anything that would add to the timeline, please contact Sarah Glenister.

Using the timeline

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    Looking for news on a specific bill or minister? Try searching their name in the search box by clicking on the spanner icon in the bottom-right of the timeline. The search function is quite sensitive so if you have no luck, try to make your search term as simple as possible. If you still have no luck, let us know, we might have missed something.

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    Only interested in equality news? Or health and safety? Filter by category for a clearer view by clicking on the spanner icon in the bottom-right.

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    The timeline defaults to its standard view, but you can choose to make categories clearer by introducing more colour into the categories, or see the stories laid out in category bands. Click on the spanner icon in the bottom-right to choose your view.

  • Spacing and zoom

    Want to take a closer look at a particularly busy period? Click on the spanner icon on the bottom-right of the timeline to zoom in or increase the spacing between stories to see events more clearly.

The Boris Johnson government

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The Conservative government 2015-2019

The Coalition government 2010-2015