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Trade union membership rises for fourth year running

Over 100,000 additional workers joined trade unions last year.

Work-related Covid deaths “massively under-reported”, research finds

RIDDOR rules have allowed employers "free rein" to decide whether Covid-19 was contracted at work.

New Bill will abolish insecure work

The Status of Workers Bill was introduced to the House of Lords today.

Spain becomes first EU country to legislate against ‘gig’ work

Unions will be given access to the algorithms gig employers use to monitor their workers.

Long working hours ‘biggest hazard to worker health’

Around a third of occupational disease is now caused by working too long hours, the WHO and ILO have said.

Govt ditches workers’ rights Bill and prioritises crackdown on public dissent

The Employment Bill has been delayed but the Policing Bill will go ahead.

NHS needs £102bn funding increase, economists and doctors warn

The UK is lagging behind other developed economies in terms of population health as a result of austerity and other policy decisions, experts warn.

NHS pay rise has public support

Two-thirds of the population want NHS staff to get more than a 1% pay rise this year.

May Day win for IKEA workers

GMB union secured the living wage for all IKEA staff in time for May Day.

Govt taskforce backs more flexible working

Both HR and trade union professionals are pushing for stronger rights to flexible working arrangements.

Govt gives just 50p extra to struggling workers on statutory sick pay

Unions have criticised the government's "miserly" approach to sick pay.

PPE failures a “shameful” violation of human rights, says Amnesty International

The government is attacking the human rights of its citizens at an acclerating rate, Amnesty International warns.
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