May Day win for IKEA workers

GMB union secured the living wage for all IKEA staff in time for May Day.

7 May 2021| News

Ikea workers celebrated a major victory on May Day this year, as the employer agreed to reinstate the Living Wage for its staff.

The retailer had previously committed to being a Living Wage employer, which means paying workers at least the hourly rate calculated by the Living Wage Foundation.

However, when the Foundation announced a 20p increase in the salary needed to meet basic costs last November, Ikea refused to raise its workers’ pay.

Representing workers at the chain, GMB contacted the Living Wage Foundation, and together they put pressure on the firm to comply with the rules.

On Saturday (01 May 2021), workers reaped the rewards when their pay increased to at least £9.50 per hour, or £10.85 per hour in London.

“This is a real win for all Ikea staff on International Workers’ Day – they will really feel the difference in their pockets,”David Shamma, GMB Regional Organiser, said.

“With dark economic clouds circling, there’s never been a better time to join a union.”