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Govt ‘orchestrating information blackout’ with secretive Cabinet Office unit

The Cabinet Office has been accused of undermining the UK's democratic system by controlling the information that leaves government.

Amazon workers’ “lives at risk” as employer surveils for union activity

A new report from Amnesty International has highlighted "grave" concerns about Amazon acting to suppress its workers' human right to organise.

The economy ‘gets nearly £13 back for every £1 spent’ on the Union Learning Fund

New research has found the Union Learning Fund to be "expert" at upskilling the workforce, but the government still wants to scrap it.

Unions on the spending review: Prepare to ‘level down’

Union leaders have blasted Rishi Sunak's attempt to employ "divide and rule" policies in yesterday's spending review.

Patel “bullied” staff, inquiry concludes

Inquriy head, Sir Alex Allan, has resigned from his post after Boris Johnson refused to act against the Home Secretary.

Frontline workers should have Covid vaccine priority, unions say

Unions have called for non-healthcare key workers to be added to the list of people prioritised for vaccination against Covid-19.

IWGB wins health and safety protections for precarious workers

In a judicial review brought by the IWGB, the High Court has ruled that insecure workers have a right to health and safety protections, including PPE.

Bill launched to ban exploitative fire and rehire practices

The Employment (Dismissal and Re-employment) Bill has been read in the Commons, but it is unlikely to get government support.

Most employers want stronger workers’ rights, study finds

Nearly two-thirds of businesses say that employment law should be stronger, including in raising wages.

Most young workers suffered pay cut during pandemic, study finds

Almost two-thirds saw their earnings reduced, while more than one in ten lost their job entirely.

BAME women ‘at twice the risk’ of both Covid-19 and low pay, research shows

BAME women are being put at risk by the circumstances of their employment, research has found.

Labour MPs call on govt to pay furloughed workers no less than NMW

Without urgent action, workers may find themselves earning just £5.81 per hour from this weekend.
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