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44 experts; 23 proposals – how IER experts have responded to Coronavirus so far

Over the last fortnight, the IER’s network of lawyers and academics has responded to the Coronavirus crisis and the government’s reaction.

The major employers who continue to put profit above lives

Thousands of workers are being put at risk by major employers flouting the government's advice over Covid-19.

UK sick pay nearly worst in Europe and in breach of international law

UK's Statutory Sick Pay was found to breach the European Social Charter two years ago, but nothing has been done.

DWP discriminates against disabled workers more than any other employer

A new BBC Panaroma investigation has revealed the department is particularly inept at following equality law.

GMB warns of social care ‘black hole’ under proposed immigration crackdown

Social care employers will struggle to recruit care workers at a point when the sector is already in crisis, GMB has warned.

Nearly three-quarters of voters support transport nationalisation, research finds

A new poll has found that 73% of voters want to see public transport renationalised.

Govt ‘has no ideas’ on social care reform, say campaigners

Campaigners and charities have expressed concern that the government has no ideas of its own when it comes to social care reform.

Court of Appeal will hear case of Shrewsbury 24 picketers

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has granted permission for the case of imprisoned trade unionists' to be heard by the Court of Appeal.

Poorest fifth no better off now than they were in 2004

The Office for National Statistics has warned that low-paid workers have seen significant falls in their disposable income.

Govt delay in helping child slavery victims “unjustifiable”

A scheme designed to support child victims of modern slavery has still not been rolled out four years after it was announced.

Unions win argument on day one sick pay during Coronovirus outbreak, but govt ignores millions of precarious workers

Repeated calls from UK unions for the government to provide sick pay from day one of absence for workers forced to self-isolate have won out.

No negative impact of minimum wage increases, study finds

The Low Pay Commission has released the findings of its research into the impact of the introduction of the National Living Wage.
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