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Covid ‘Roadmap’ punishes the poor, say independent scientists

Independent SAGE members have called for financial support for those self-isolating and legally enforceable workplace protection.

Uber still telling drivers they have no right to minimum wage

After the Supreme Court ruled that Uber driver are 'workers', the company appears to be dissuading other workers from taking legal action.

Govt ‘not interested in better workers’ rights’, says insider

The Employment Bill has been delayed until late 2021 or 2022, insiders say.

Unions and campaigners urge Equalities Commission to investigate govt Covid-19 response

Campaigners argue that the government is breaching the Public Sector Equality Duty in its handling of the pandemic.

HSE ‘refused to investigate’ health and safety breaches reported by subcontractor

An industry insider said he felt his experience of dangerous workplaces was not taken seriously by the regulator.

Garment industry presents highest risk of death from Covid-19 for female workers

Campaigners believe the lack of enforcement of employment law is behind the shocking figures.

Uber drivers have right to minimum wage and holiday pay, Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court has ruled today that drivers of Uber taxis are not self-employed and thus are eligible for workers' rights.

Nearly one in three health and social care workers fought first wave without adequate PPE, report finds

The Public Accounts Committee has scolded government for its lack of transparency over Covid-19 contracts.

Govt improves maternity rights (but only for cabinet ministers)

MPs argued this Bill could - and should - serve as an impetus for the government to improve maternity rights for all women.

One in five going into workplace unnecessarily, as bosses pile on pressure

While individuals are being fined for breaking lockdown rules, not one single employer has been prosecuted.

‘Ground breaking’ collective agreement struck for North Sea workers

In an industry first, most employers have signed up to the new agreement.

Review of Human Rights Act ‘unnecessary’ former Supreme Court President tells Committee

Legal experts have told the Joint Committee on Human Rights that Johnson's review of the Act will not improve UK law.
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