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UK cannot beat Coronavirus without adequate sick pay, govt warned

A cross-party group of MPs and the TUC have both warned the government that adequate sick pay is essential in the fight against Covid-19.

MPs, unions & businesses urge govt to extend Job Retention Scheme

The government has been warned that thousands of jobs will be lost if the Job Retention Scheme ends abruptly with nothing to replace it.

Govt considers pay freeze for lowest earners

The Low Pay Commission says it will consider an "emergency brake" on pay rises for those on the National Living Wage.

Mass exodus of NHS doctors predicted by survey

Nearly two-thirds of doctors responding to a survey said they planned to leave the NHS in the next few years.

PCS demands offices are made Covid-secure before civil servants are forced to return

Permanent Secretaries have been given a target of getting 80% of civil servants back into offices, PCS says.

Contribute to research into working from home

Research is being conducted into the experiences of people working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tony Abbott confirmed as UK trade envoy

The former Prime Minister of Australia has been appointed to the UK Trade Board despite widespread criticism of his inexperience and character.

Wales promises full pay to self-isolating careworkers

Care workers in England will still only receive £95 per week when they are forced to stay home from work.

Govt could be forced to publish Covid PPE contracts

The government has failed to meet its legal obligations to provide details on contracts worth a total of £5.5bn.

Poor and disadvantaged workers more likely to lose hours due to Covid, study finds

Workers who are young, black, low-paid or with lower levels of qualifications have been especially hard hit.

Tony Abbott not “sidetracked” by workers’ rights

The potential new Trade Envoy to the UK has boasted of his willingness to get trade deals by putting workers' rights aside.

Unions tell govt to drop “scare campaign” to pressure workers back to offices

The TUC has urged the government to produce a "credible plan" to improve safety in workplaces instead.
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