Spain becomes first EU country to legislate against ‘gig’ work

Unions will be given access to the algorithms gig employers use to monitor their workers.

17 May 2021| News

Gig employers in Spain are required to employ their contractors and allow unions greater access under a new law passed in the nation.

The legislation comes after the Spanish Supreme Court judgment on the employment status of those working for a delivery app called Glovo, which ruled that the contractors were employees with relevant employment rights.

A similar decision was recently made by the UK Supreme Court in relation to Uber, but Westminster has not taken any action on gig employers and instead has delayed its long-awaited Employment Bill.

In Spain, unions will have access to the algorithms gig employers use to monitor workers, which will allow workers’ representatives to challenge underpayments and exploitation.

Spanish Labour Minister, Yolanda Diaz, said: “Workers have the right to know what motivates business decisions,” she added. “Algorithms are going to be put at the service of the majority.”