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An IER response to Richard Baker MSP’s Consultation Paper on Culpable Homicide (Scotland) Bill

Recommendations on a new Bill to litigate against employers that cause death through gross

Response to the Law Society consultation: How should employment tribunals operate in the future?

Evidence of the harm done by the implementation of tribunal fees and recommendations for a fairer

Response to Inquiry into Deaths (Scotland) Bill Consultation

David Whyte responds to a public consultation broadly in favour of the proposals set out in the Draft Inquiry into Deaths (Scotland)

The Whistleblowing Framework: Call for Evidence

Catherine Hobby proposes the government take several measures to improve the legal protection of

Surrogacy and maternity rights: making all mothers equal

A landmark case to afford intended mothers in surrogacy arrangements the same maternity rights as other

Transparency of Lobbying etc. A note on potential human rights implications

The human rights implications of the Transparency of Lobbying

Implications of the government’s proposals on employment agencies

Professor Sonia McKay interrogates the implications of the Coalition's latest proposals for the regulation of employmebt

Zero-hours contracts: Some policy proposals

Innovative policy ideas to reduce the damage caused by zero-hours

Response to the Triennial Review of the Health and Safety Executive

A detailed and critical response to the government's Triennial Review of the Health and Safety Executive

Beyond Groundhog Day: Can productivity and fairness be improved without further labour law reform?

A comparative review of UK austerity reforms for an Australian

Response to Whistleblowing Commission: Strengthening law and policy

A whistleblowing expert argues that reforms in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill have made the law less

Children and Families Bill

A critique of the government's dilution of shared parental leave
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