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Suspicions of impropriety raised over Serco Covid contract

A leaked email has revealed that Serco was approached as early as January to be involved in the Coronavirus response.

Pregnant women lost out on maternity pay due to pandemic, Labour warns

Pregnant women are finding themselves disqualified from Statutory Maternity Pay due to their employers actions during the pandemic.

Govt faces legal action over appointment of racism skeptic to head racism inquiry

Head of the Race and Ethnic Disparity Commission, Tony Sewell, described the Black Lives Matter Protests as "navel gazing".

Govt ‘withdrew support’ from UK modern slavery victims during pandemic

The Home Office is facing legal action over its decision to stop providing modern slavery victims with government assistance.

Childcare workers paid under £5 per hour, Social Mobility Commission warns

Nearly two in five childcare workers quit the job in the first two years due to low pay, long hours and a lack of career progression.

Parents, carers and disabled twice as likely to be laid off, Citizens Advice finds

Citizens Advice is calling for the urgent establishment of a single enforcement body.

Firms sack thousands of UK workers but reward shareholders with public money

Firms linked to climate change and tax avoidance among those paying shareholders out of taxpayer money.

NHS privatisation accelerated during pandemic, doctors warn

Major contracts, including for the provision of contact tracing, have been given to firms that already have NHS scandals in their recent history.

Lawyer in favour of curbing court powers appointed as head of Judicial Review reform commission

Lord Faulks has openly proposed limiting the powers of the Supreme Court after judges agreed Johnson prorogation was unlawful.

Public back a better pay deal for public sector workers

More than four out of five want public sector workers to get a pay rise.

Govt ‘dragging its feet’ on tackling racism, watchdog head says

Outgoing Chair of the EHRC says govt is reluctant to take action against known racial disparities in the UK.

New law protects redundancy pay for some furloughed workers

Only those who are classed as an 'employee' and have been with the same employer for more than two years will be entitled to the new protection.
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