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Ireland: Migrant restaurant workers take on the Ivy – and win.

The Labour Court in in Dublin has found that Julia Marciniak and Lenka Laiermanova were unfairly dismissed by the Ivy.

The TUC responds to the Govts Levelling Up White Paper

The Government's Levelling Up White Paper was finally published on Wednesday. Here's the TUC's response.

Unions stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people

Trade unions in the UK have issued a series of statements expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people and trade unions in the Ukraine.

Justice Eady announced as new President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)

Justice Jennifer Eady has been appointed President of the EAT.

Whatever happened to the Prime Minister’s “high wage economy”?

Far from encouraging workers to seek higher pay, the government is now telling them to accept lower pay.

Government ends ‘day one’ sick pay entitlement for coronavirus

The Government’s decision to end 'day one' sick pay for coronavirus will hit 7.8 million workers who rely on SSP when they fall ill.

Heart Unions Week focuses on a New Deal for Working People

Many in the Labour movement have used Heart Unions Week to explain the importance of creating a framework to defend and extend worker's rights

Workers take up claims against Dyson over supply chain abuses

Dyson accused of a litany of labour abuses at it's major supplier in Malaysia, ATA IMS.

#HeartUnions: your right to join a union

With a very small number of exceptions, all workers have the right to join a union in the UK

Make safe and healthy work a fundamental right

This International Workers’ Memorial Day, unions will be pressing the campaign to make health and safety at work a fundamental principle and right

Usdaw succeed in ‘fire and rehire’ claim against Tesco in the High Court

The retail union are celebrating a “huge” win against ‘fire and rehire’ tactics at Tesco Distribution Centres

Holiday pay victory for ex-Pimlico Plumbers worker

The case has been viewed as significant in terms of the status of workers, especially in the gig economy, where bogus self-employment is rife
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