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Public Sector cuts, Privatisation and Employment Rights: Liverpool

5th July 2016

Talks from lawyers, academics and campaigners on updates to various aspects of public services and employment law.

Human Rights vs. Bill of Rights: What’s in it for workers?: Liverpool

19th May 2016

The employment rights of individuals and collectives are discussed from the perspectives of politicians and lawyers.

EU Developments: has social Europe disintegrated? Liverpool

9th March 2016

In the build up to the EU referendum, this analysis of the European community gave insight into pros and cons of being a member of the collective.

EU Developments: has social Europe disintegrated? London

9th February 2016

This conference centred on the question: Is social Europe growing or withering?

Employment Law Update: Liverpool

2nd December 2015

A rollercoaster of a year in Employment law, which saw the proposal of the Trade Union Bill and the positive potential of social media.

Conference Papers from Employment Law Update: London

11th November 2015

Roger Jeary provides a brief summary of the first Employment Law update under an all Conservative government.

Human Rights: possibilities and problems for labour law, London

1st July 2015

The Institute welcomed delegates to hear from legal and academic experts on the impact replacing the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights.

Workplace Issues: taking up the issues with the new government

10th June 2015

IER’s first conference to take place after the general election; an excellent opportunity to assess the government’s programme of work.

Employment Law after the election: what kind of laws do we want? London

11th February 2015

Experts in law and academia discuss the direction they would like to see employment law take following the upcoming election.

Employment Law Update 2014, Liverpool

22nd October 2014

Your employment law update for the year leading up to October 2014.

Employment Law Update 2014, London

7th October 2014

A day spent reviewing the year's most important updates in employment law.

Controlling Fat Cat Pay

20 June 2012 Statutory places for worker reps on remuneration committees would be a far more effective way to control executive pay, says IER.
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