Transport, health and construction outpacing office jobs

New data has shown how demand driven by the Coronavirus is leading to an 'asymmetric recovery'.

1 Sep 2020| News

Work-related social networking site LinkedIn has released a new analysis of its data to The Guardian, showing that transport, healthcare and construction workers are driving the economic recovery.

Recruitment in these sectors significantly outpaced that in traditionally “white collar” roles, such as in the media, technology and finance, reflecting how the demands of the pandemic has affected the value of these professions compared with those of ‘key’ workers.

Transport and logistics jobs have risen by 18% since last year, led by the demand for delivery drivers; while healthcare vacancies are up 12% and construction roles have increased by 9%.

“Industries like finance, legal, software and IT, corporate services and media and communications – which have largely white-collar roles – are facing stronger headwinds and are all below the national hiring rate,” Economist at LinkedIn, Mariano Mamertino, said, adding that the economy is seeing an “asymmetric recovery”.