Ian Lavery: Together we can change the world of work

Submitted by sglenister on Tue, 27/09/2016 - 14:17

27 September 2016

Ian Lavery, Shadow Minister for Trade Unions, has called on the Labour Party and trade union movement to unite against the Trade Union Act and to form policies that revolutionise the world of work.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference yesterday afternoon (26 September 2016), he called on delegates to get involved with Labour's Workplace 2020 initiative - a programme through which Labour is asking for feedback from both workers and employers on their experience of the workplace and what can be done to improve people's working lives.

The IER's Manifesto for Labour Law was submitted to the Workplace 2020 scheme in June and was quickly backed by Ian Lavery and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, who has since taken it up as the blueprint for the Labour Party's official policy on employment law.

Ian also spoke at the IER's lunchtime fringe event yesterday to confirm his support for the Manifesto - 25 evidence-based policy recommendations drafted by 15 leading labour lawyers and academics from the UK's most prestigious universities.

See Ian's full speech on Workplace 2020 below

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