‘Ground breaking’ collective agreement struck for North Sea workers

In an industry first, most employers have signed up to the new agreement.

5 Feb 2021| News

A collective agreement that will improve the pay and conditions of thousands of North Sea oil workers has been struck by RMT, Unite and GMB.

The vast majority of firms operating in the sector have joined up to the new Energy Services Agreement, in a “ground breaking” first for the industry.

“The news that 13 major employers have signed up to work with the unions and establish a framework for collective bargaining in the offshore energy sector is extremely welcome,” the unions said in a joint statement.

“The collaborative working of the trade unions and industry is an illustration of what is required to deliver a just and green recovery for workers and the UK energy supply chain. What we want to see now is government support for this exemplar in collaboration.”

It is hoped that the new agreement will attract engagement from more companies as it progresses and that by working together, the employers and workers may be able to limit the “boom and bust” patterned that has caused “extreme difficulties” for all parties over the last ten years.

“Stability, sustainability and security of employment for the sector are critical and this deal will help deliver that,” the unions said.