Doctors warn NHS will not withstand Coronavirus

Poor staffing levels and underfunding has left the NHS poorly prepared for the outbreak, doctors say.

6 Mar 2020| News

Only eight doctors responding to a poll of 1,618 by the Doctors Association UK (DAUK) thought the NHS was “well prepared” for the Coronavirus.

Among their concerns were staff shortages, a lack of beds, strains on laboratory testing facilities and “inappropriate advice” by NHS 111.

“The NHS has already been brought to its knees and many frontline doctors fear that our health system simply will not cope in the event of a Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak,” DAUK Chair, Dr Rinesh Parmar warned.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, reassured UK residents that the country’s health service was well equipped to deal wih the crisis – a statement Dr Parmar said was evidence that “yet again, doctors’ concerns have been brushed under the carpet”.