Urgent action needed to prevent women being forced out of work, TUC warns

Women could be forced out of work in their droves if childcare facilities are allowed to fail due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

5 Jun 2020| News

A new report from the TUC warns that nurseries and other childcare services could see mass closures without a government bailout.

It warned that “immediate action” was needed to prevent “decades of progress on women’s labour market participation” from being lost if women are forced out of work and back into their homes to look after their children.

As well as a bailout for childcare services, the TUC demanded an extension to the job retention scheme beyond October to support parents who are unable to work due to their family responsibilities; the right to work flexibly from the first day on the job; additional funding to provide childcare for low-income households; a day-one right to 10 days of paid parental leave for all workers, regardless of their employment status; and a clear message to employers that they will face legal repercussions if they unfairly select women for redundancy because of their childcare responsibilities.

“Not having enough childcare for working parents risks reversing decades of progress women have made in the labour market, and increasing the gender pay gap – as well as having a damaging impact on our national economic productivity,” the TUC said.