The TUC’s Long Covid Support Survey

Do you have, or have you had, Long Covid symptoms?

15 Sep 2022| News

Complete the TUC and Long Covid Support’s survey.

2 million people in the UK are now experiencing symptoms of Long Covid and continuing infection rates mean many more people are likely to experience it.

We must make sure that people with Long Covid are protected from disadvantage and discrimination at work. The TUC’s last survey on Long Covid showed that 1 in 20 people had been forced out of their jobs.

The TUC and Long Covid Support want to gather up to date information and evidence on the impacts on working people, including people who have lost their jobs. This will help us all to better support people with Long Covid, hold bosses to account who are failing in their duties, and campaign so the government is forced to support people with Long Covid.

If you have, or have had Long Covid, complete the survey and share with others you know. It closes on 9 October.