Public back a better pay deal for public sector workers

More than four out of five want public sector workers to get a pay rise.

31 Jul 2020| News

Public sector workers have long been crying out for a pay rise, especially after many key workers put themselves at risk by continuing to provide services during the Covid-19 lockdown. A series of protests have been made, including one attended by hundreds of NHS workers who this week marched on Westminster demanding a pay rise as part of a Unite the Union day of action.

New figures from a Savanta ComRes poll commissioned by Unison have now revealed that the public is behind them, with 85% of the general public saying public sector workers deserve a pay rise, 27% of whom believed it should be “large”.

The survey of more than 2,000 people also found that 73% back an early pay rise for public sector workers between now and March next year, 66% thought a “significant” pay rise before the end of the year was due to reward workers for their contribution to the fight against Covid-19, and 39% think NHS wages should be increased immediately.

“It’s clear the public back an early increase and to ignore them would be at the government’s own peril,” Sara Gorton, Head of Health at Unison, said.