Next accused of destroying evidence needed for equal pay claim

Fashion retailer, Next, has been accused of destroying timesheets needed to build a claim for equal pay.

23 Oct 2020| News

Next has been accused by law firm, Leigh Day, of destroying timesheets needed to evidence an equal pay claim made by over 330 of its staff.

The workers argue that the fashion retailer is breaching the equal pay for work of equal value law by paying warehouse workers £2-£6 per hour more than those who work on the shop floor.

Most of the claimants are female, and most warehouse workers are male, but male shop floor workers would also benefit from a successful conclusion to the case.

An Employment Tribunal hearing has been scheduled for 12 January 2021 to decide what penalty – if any – Next should face for its inability to provide access to the timesheets.

Leigh Day said that the judge may decide to ‘strike out’ the case, which would mean that Next loses its right to continue defending itself against the equal pay claim.