Labour pledges one year of statutory maternity pay

The Labour Party has pledged to increase the amount of time women receive statutory maternity pay from nine months to one year if they win the election.

10 Nov 2019| News

Shadow Secretary for Women and Equalities, Dawn Butler, said: “Labour will deliver a workplace revolution to bring about a step-change in how women are treated at work.”

This programme of reforms will also include the establishment of a new Workers’ Protection Agency with the power to fine employers that do not take action on organisational gender pay gaps; a right to flexible working; mandatory menopause workplace policies among large employers; action against workplace sexual harassment; and enshrining the role of equalities reps in law.

“I’m sick of how women are treated at work. Audits aren’t enough, we know there’s a problem that needs fixing. So we will do something about it,” Butler said.

“We’ll boost pay, increase flexibility, and strengthen protections against harassment and discrimination,” she added.

“After years of our concerns being ignored, it’s time for real change.”