Labour Minister confirms support for IER reforms

Last night (Thursday 23 May 2019) at the annual PCS conference, Labour's Minister for Labour Laura Pidcock confirmed that the party would adopt key recommendations from the IER's Manifesto for Labour Law.

24 May 2019| News

Speaking at a fringe meeting called Employment law, workers’ rights and regulating bad practice under a Corbyn government, Pidcock said the Party planned to take forward the IER’s proposals to establish a Ministry of Labour, re-instate sectoral collective bargaining and repeal the Trade Union Act 2016.

She said collective bargaining would be the “beating heart” of the new Ministry of Labour and, if done right, the new reforms could be the “largest transformation of power from bosses to workers”.

Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of PCS, opened the meeting by calling for e-balloting for union ballots, the restoration of facility time and the right for unions to access workplaces to recruit and engage with workers.