Introducing Strike Club

New initiative from StrikeMapUK

30 Sep 2022| News

On 1 October over 167,000 workers will be on strike. The largest day of action for many years.

We want to help deliver the biggest support possible for these strikes, that is why we are launching our regional ‘Strike Clubs’.

Your local Strike Club will be a place where you can plan visiting a picket together, building a local reps network, and getting involved in our new Organise Now! project with the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU).

Join our local group by taking the steps below.

Step 1:

Join your local regional Strike Club, using the links below.

Step 2:

Invite three of your best local comrades to the group.

Arrange a date for you and your comrades, bring any banners you may have, the home made ones are often the best.

Step 3:

Take photos of your Strike Club at the picket line and upload them to social media, making sure to tag in Strike Map UK #strikemapuk.

More details and sign up here.

You can find StrikeMapUK here on Twitter.