Govt ‘dragging its feet’ on tackling racism, watchdog head says

Outgoing Chair of the EHRC says govt is reluctant to take action against known racial disparities in the UK.

31 Jul 2020| News

Outgoing Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), David Isaac, has criticised the government for repeatedly asking for information to understand the issue of racism in the UK but rarely taking action to resolve it.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: “I do believe the government is dragging its feet. They seek to understand it [racism] but are they taking action and is this a top priority? I don’t believe so.”

“The time for more recommendations in my view is over,” he added. “We know what needs to be done. Let’s get on with it.”

Issac called on the government to implement a new race strategy, which should include what he called “quick wins”, such as implementing ethnicity pay gap reporting.

He also urged employers to take steps to appoint non-white individuals into more senior roles, adding that people are “rightly outraged” and the EHRC itself is an organisation with no black commissioners.