Enough is Enough: union-backed campaign launches

Trade unions and community organisations set up a new campaign to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

8 Aug 2022| News

Enough is Enough, the campaign to fight the cost-of-living crisis, launched today (8th August). CWU, Tribune, Acorn, Fans Supporting Foodbanks, Right to Food Campaign and Labour MPs Zarah Sultana and Ian Byrne support the campaign, which lists five demands

1. A real pay rise

2. Slash energy bills

3. End food poverty

4. Decent homes for all

5. Tax the rich

Enough is Enough states that they are building a campaign to win these demands. They aim to do this by holding rallies across Britain, forming community groups, organising picket line solidarity and taking action against the companies and individuals profiting from this crisis.

Labour MP Zarah Sultana fronted a video introducing the campaign along with CWU General Secretary Dave Ward, RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch, RMT Assistant General Secretary Eddie Dempsey and workers from across the UK. 

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said: 

“Working class people are having the piss taken out of us. 

Decent homes, affordable bills, a proper wage, enough to eat. These aren’t privileges. They are your rights.”

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said: 

“It’s no good just being pissed off. You’ve got to say, I’m going to turn that into an organisation with a set of demands and a way to fight for them.”

Labour MP Zarah Sultana said: 

“For a real pay rise, to slash energy bills, to end fuel poverty, for decent homes for all, and to finally tax the rich and big business – this is what Enough Is Enough stands for. It’s all about one political choice – your need or their greed. It’s time to channel anger into action.”

You can read more about it on their website where more than 100,000 people have joined in the first 24 hours.