EAT confirms Addison Lee drivers are ‘workers’

The Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) has confirmed that drivers for taxi firm Addison Lee are not independent contractors, but are ‘workers’ due employment rights.

14 Nov 2018| News

Photo by Victor Xok

Last year, three drivers for the company challenged their employment status at tribunal and it was determined that the reality of their employment situation fit the legal definition of a ‘worker’.

Unlike independent contractors (who are considered to be self-employed), ‘workers’ are under the managerial control of an employer and therefore entitled to the National Minimum Wage, rest breaks and holiday pay.

Addison Lee appealed last year’s ruling, but the EAT has upheld the tribunal’s judgment, confirming that the drivers should receive the National Minimum Wage from the time they log on to take passengers until the time they log off.

Although the decision only immediately affects the three drivers who brought the case, a similar decision could be made for thousands of Addison Lee drivers across the UK.

Addison Lee says it will consider appealing the judgment to the High Court.