A bonfire of workers’ rights: how should the labour movement respond?

Special lecture by Ben Sellers, Director of the Institute of Employment Rights. Chaired by Laura Pidcock, National Secretary of the People's Assembly.

21 Oct 2022| News

Thursday, 27 October 2022 – 7:00pm
Marx Memorial Library, 37a Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DU
Email: info@marx-memorial-library.org.uk
Phone: 02072531485

We are on the cusp of a severe attack on trade union freedoms and employment rights this country has seen, more restrictive even than the Thatcher governments of the 1980s. The wave of industrial militancy over the summer, led by the RMT but stretching across the movement, has been met with a Government counter offensive described by Professor Keith Ewing as a “bonfire of workers’ rights”. By reaching for anti-strike legislation the Government is further consolidating Britain’s position as having the most restrictive anti-trade union laws in Europe, but is it a tipping point? In conversation with People’s Assembly National Secretary, Laura Pidcock, Director of the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) Ben Sellers discusses the implications of this turn to the law by the Tories and how the trade unions might challenge an increasingly authoritarian Government.

Ben Sellers has worked for Jeremy Corbyn, leading his social media campaign in the 2015 leadership race and working in a similar role the Leader’s Office during the 2017 General Election. From 2017, he was employed as political advisor to Laura Pidcock in her role as Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights. Since November 2021, he has been Director of the Institute of Employment Rights.