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Unions tell Education Secretary: Publish STRB report and pay offer ‘immediately’

Ministers will pay 'heavy political price' for any 'continued failure' to invest, say education unions

There can be no ‘back-pedalling’ on the New Deal for Workers, POA chief warns Labour

POA general secretary Steve Gillan warned Labour at the union’s annual conference in Eastbourne.

Unions react to surprise election announcement

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak gambles on a July 4th general election

FBU seeks Supreme Court appeal for pensions challenge

Working people shouldn’t have to pay the price for the government’s mistakes, says FBU leader.

Long-term sickness becomes top reason for women being out of the labour market

New analysis shows number of women economically inactive as a result of ill- health has increased by more than 500,000 over last five years.

IER at FBU: resisting Minimum Service Levels

Towards a New Deal for Workers

Algorithmic Management – report launch

‘Algorithmic Management and a New Generation of Rights at Work’ by Dr Joe Atkinson and Dr Philippa Collins published on 6th June

Lord Woodley’s Fire and Rehire Bill passes the Lords and moves to the Commons

The Employment and Trade Union Rights (Dismissal and Re-engagement) Bill passed unopposed at it's third reading

Stop baiting the right-wing press to trash the civil service brand, FDA tells government – give the service the stability it craves

The civil service needs serious government, rather than “top down, evidence-free micromanagement”.

Union given High Court permission to challenge Government’s new strike restrictions

PCS Union in first legal challenge to Minimum Service Levels. High Court gives permission for judicial review

Unite hopeful about Brewdog’s future following resignation of James Watt, CEO

The boss of Scottish beer giant is to step down from his role as Chief Executive of the company.

RMT condemn P&O boss Peter Hebblethwaite, as £4.87 seafarer wage is revealed

P&O chief executive asked if he is a "modern-day pirate" in House of Commons committee
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