Tag: Human Rights

Human rights and employment rights

21st July 2021 – 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A free event by the IER

Employment Law Update 2018: London

10th October 2018

A report on our conference covering changes to employment rights in 2018.

Future of Labour Law: progressive rights under a progressive government – London

14th June 2018

An event report on what progressive workers' rights could look like

Migration after Brexit: the challenge for labour standards 2017

15th March 2017

Talks from academics and campaigners on the uncertainties of Brexit's impact on the labour rights of migrant workers.

Employment Law Update 2016: London

9th November 2016

Update for 2016 on important changes and proposals for employment law, including recent changes to Employment Tribunal practice.

Human Rights vs. Bill of Rights: What’s in it for workers?: Liverpool

19th May 2016

The employment rights of individuals and collectives are discussed from the perspectives of politicians and lawyers.

Human Rights: possibilities and problems for labour law, Liverpool

21st October 2015

Talks from lawyers and academics on justice for workers and replacing the Human Rights Act in favour of the UK Bill of rights.

Employment Law Update 2013 Ken Gill Memorial Fund

6th November 2013 – 10:30 am

Settlement agreements the Acas Guide JULY 2013.pdf, Paul Statham - Fees Fines & Fighting Back Presentation.ppt, Stuart Brittenden - Equal... Read more »

London: Human Rights At Work – Can the European Convention protect our rights?

29th February 2012 – 10:30 am

Catrin Lewis Challenging Discrimination.ppt, Daniel Blackburn Ruggie and the European Court of Human Rights.doc, Francesca West Whistleblowing.ppt, Mike Schwarz Themes... Read more »

NW: Human rights at work – Can the European convention protect our rights?

1st February 2012 – 10:30 am

Francesca West Whistleblowing.ppt, Mike Schwarz Themes on protest law.doc, Paul Draycott - Unfair Dismissal and the Human Rights Act.doc, David... Read more »

Racism at work: Liverpool

23rd May 2024 – 1:33 pm