The road to a Workers’ Charter

The Scottish Charter is the culmination of an ongoing collaboration between IER academics and lawyers with the Scottish trade union movement.

The Charter rose quickly to success within its first year of development, gaining the support of the Scottish Labour Party. The below timeline summarises the work put into the Charter and what is to come next.

How we got to where we are

What next for the Charter?

Work on developing and promoting the Charter continues. The IER will hold its consultation with trade unions on the content  of the Charter until November 2019, and will meet in September 2019 with Professor Lydia Hayes – IER Executive Committee member and expert consultant on the development of collective bargaining in Wales.

In October 2019, A fringe meeting will be held at the Scottish National Party Conference in Aberdeen, jointly hosted by the SNP Trade Union Group. A further round table discussion is also planned for that month to discuss the political implementation of the Charter.

Finally, an event will be held at Scottish Parliament at the end of the year, at which lawyers, unions, academics and campaigners will come together to discuss the Charter and its potential for implementation in Scotland.