Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

A guide to how our Manifesto for Labour Law recommendations could be practically implemented

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About the book

The IER’s 2016 Manifesto for Labour Law garnered support from major unions across the UK, the Green Party, the Scottish Nationalist Party, and most of all the Labour Party. Indeed the Labour Party’s popular and influential 2017 Manifesto For the Many, Not the Few adopted many of the IER’s recommendations as a blueprint for future reform.

Now we present Rolling Out, a guide to how our recommendations could be practically implemented. This includes proposals for a Collective Bargaining Act and other legislative reforms to protect workers both domestically and across the international supply chains that support the UK’s economy.

At the heart of our proposals is a shift in the focus of labour law to the collective agreement of wages and conditions as opposed to statutory minimums that are outdated, difficult to enforce and inflexible in the face of a changing world of work. In this way, we seek to open the next chapter of democratic society by enhancing democracy at work.

The comprehensive recommendations detailed in this volume have been collaboratively authored by 26 leading labour lawyers and academics from some of the most prestigious universities in the UK. Taken together, they put forth a new framework for industrial relations and workers’ rights designed to better-fit the needs of a post-Brexit, increasingly automated and fragmented workforce.


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