Labour Law Review 2010 (Download, trade union)

A review of 2010 employment case law.

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About the book

As the authors of this edition of Labour Law Review note, last year saw a 56% increase in the number of employment tribunal claims. In the current economic and political climate, it is likely that the year ahead will see a further increase as workers and their unions resist employer attempts to reduce labour costs by cutting jobs, pay and pensions.

In this hostile environment, keeping informed of major statutory and judicial developments is more important than ever. This year’s Review covers case law on pay and conditions, national minimum wage, unfair dismissal, working time regulations, holiday entitlement, redundancy rights and much more. One of the main statutory changes addressed in the Review is the introduction of the Equality Act 2010, which brings together the many strands of equality law.

Regular readers of the Review will be pleased to note that as the Act uses much of the same wording as previous legislation, the case law outlined in earlier Reviews will remain relevant. So, if you haven’t got a full set of Reviews, now’s the time to order back copies!


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