Federation News: Trade Union Responses to Coalition Cuts (Download, trade union)

A collection of critiques of the Coalition government’s austerity policies and their justification through the language of the “big society”.

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About the book

Since 2008 a crisis of the private, unregulated financial sector has been portrayed by politians and the media as a crisis of public expenditure, with subsequent attacks on the pay and conditions of public sector workers.

The nature of the coalition policies of the “big society” and the “small state” are neoliberal style programmes aimed at privatising more state functions, removing democratic accountability from those that remain and pushing costs of services onto individuals, families and communities.

There are alternative strategies in contrast to the coalition government’s cuts programmes. This edition of Federation News carries articles from a number of trade union leaders including Frances O’Grady (TUC), Len McCluskey (UNITE), Christine Blower (NUT), Billy Hayes (CWU), Dave Prentis (UNISON) and Bob Crow (RMT). Articles discuss the nature of the crisis, the form the cuts agenda will take in specific sectors, and the nature of the union response which, the Guest Editor Roger Seifert says, must be able to convince union members and the wider working class of the necessity to fight against cuts and for a more rational, efficient and fairer distribution of income and wealth.


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