Unite gives important Labour policy document ‘thumbs down’

26 Jul 2023| News

Unite refused to give its backing to an important Labour document for government at the National Policy Forum gathering in Nottingham on Sunday.

Unite was unable to back the document in full as it clearly crossed the union’s red lines. This included around workers’ rights in collective bargaining – an area which needs root and branch change, not just tinkering around the edges – as well as workers’ access to unions and a weakening of language around zero hours contracts.

Unite said:

“The process in Nottingham was chaotic with an attempt to push through changes to the policy document without first sharing them with conference participants, including Unite.

As in any negotiation, you simply don’t sign up to something without all the detail and understanding of the impact it will have on our members and workers more widely.

As the general election draws nearer Keir Starmer has to prove Labour will deliver for workers and we need clear policies on this.”