TUC: Carr review was a party political stunt

16 October 2014 The findings of the Carr report have been released.

16 Oct 2014| News

16 October 2014

The findings of the Carr report have been released.

The Carr review – a review of laws governing industrial disputes, set up in the wake up of Grangemouth makes no recommendations, due to the “increasingly political environment” the review took place in.

Announcing the decision in August Carr said, “I am also concerned about the ability of the review to operate in a progressively politicised environment in the run up to the next general election. That being so, I have reached the conclusion that it will simply not be possible for the review to put together a substantial enough body of evidence from which to provide a sound basis for making recommendations for change.”

Instead of making recommendations, the report details alleged events of a number of industrial disputes, summarises the existing legal framework, details the changes to the framework.

Carr reports alleged inappropriate and intimidatory behaviour on picket lines, and victimisation or harassment of non-striking workers, in evidence submitted by employers including INEOS, TfL and CIPD.

Responding to the publication of the government commissioned review of the law governing industrial disputes, headed by Bruce Carr QC, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“This was a party-political stunt that has failed to come off, with the taxpayer left to pick up the bill.”

The report can be read in-full here.