Taylor gives govt ‘four out of ten’ for Good Work Plan

Matthew Taylor, who last year led the Modern Working Practices review into the 'gig' economy and precarious working, has give the government a rating of four out of ten for the actions it has taken based on his recommendations, the Independent has reported.

9 Mar 2018| News

Speaking to the British Chambers of Commerce yesterday (08 March 2018), he said that this score could improve to “seven or eight” if the consultations that have been launched into a host of workers’ rights issues are “productive”.

There are currently five consultations open in relation to government’s response to the Taylor Review – known as the Good Work Plan. They regard employment status, increasing transparency in the labour market, agency workers recommendations, enforcement recommendations, and a Low Pay Commission consultation into a higher rate of pay for workers on non-guaranteed hours, as well as alternative means of tackling ‘one-sided flexibility’.

The Institute of Employment Rights regards the Taylor Review as having tinkered around the edges without recommending the robust reforms workers need, while the Good Work Plan is diluted even further.

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