Over half of UK workers have witnessed or experienced discrimination, survey finds

Over half of UK workers have experienced or witnessed discrimination at work, with rates of this form of injustice higher in Britain than in France or

25 Oct 2019| News

This is according to a new survey by The Harris Poll and Glassdoor Economic Research, which found that 55% of UK workers had seen or experienced ageism, racism or discrimination based on gender or LGBTQ status at their workplace.

This compares with 43% in France and 37% in Germany, while the US fared even worse than the UK at 61%.

Across all four countries, ageism and gender discrimination were the most commonly seen, with 34% and 33% reporting this form of unfairness.

Meanwhile, around 30% had witnessed or experienced racism, and nearly a quarter (24%) saw or were victims of LGBTQ discrimination.

UK specific findings revealed that men were more likely to report having witnessed or experienced LGBTQ discrimination (31%) compared with women (19%); and younger workers were more likely to report all forms of discrimination.

Half of all workers across all four countries said they would like to see their employer do more to improve diversity and inclusion.