Only one-third of employers plan to retain staff after furlough, survey finds

Half of employers say they will cut staff within the first few months of furlough ending.

22 Jun 2020| News

Only one-third of employers will retain their current staffing levels after the furlough scheme ends.

This is according to a YouGov poll of 503 company bosses, which found that half would lay off staff within the first three months after the Job Retention Scheme comes to an end, with 21% saying at least 10 jobs would go.

Only 34% said they had no plans to reduce their staffing levels, while 15% were undecided.

Although eight in ten respondents expected the economy to be weaker next year than it was before the Coronavirus crisis, six in ten felt that their businesses would be untouched or even doing better in 12 months’ time.