Miscarriages must be included in bereavement leave, GMB Congress hears 

The law must be changed to give paid time off for both partners in families that experience pregnancy loss, says GMB Congress 

6 Jun 2023| News

Miscarriages and termination for medical reasons before the 24th week of pregnancy must be included in parental bereavement leave, GMB congress has heard.

The motion was passed at the union’s annual conference in Brighton on Monday.

Current legislation gives a statutory right to a minimum of two weeks’ leave for all employed parents if they lose a child under the age of 18,  or have a stillbirth from the 24th week of pregnancy.

But the new law does not go far enough, the conference heard.

Union delegates recommended workplaces adopt a Pregnancy Loss Policy which includes a commitment to support all employees through the bereavement and grief of a pregnancy loss and to make workplace adjustments where necessary.

The motion was passed GMB’s annual congress in Brighton today [Monday]

Hilda Tavolara, GMB Regional Equality and Inclusion Organiser, said:

“Pregnancy loss affects millions of people – all of whom need proper protection and support during a tragic time. The law must be changed to give rights for both partners in families that experience miscarriages and pregnancy loss, including paid time off for parents to grieve. GMB also calls on responsible employers to adopt a Pregnancy Loss Policy to support workers though their bereavement.”