McDonald’s workers announce ‘biggest ever’ strike

McDonald's workers across the UK have warned bosses that they are planning to launch the biggest wave of fast food strikes the UK has ever seen.

25 Oct 2019| News

The Morning star reported that six London branches of the multinational chain had been given notice by members of the bakers’ union, BFAWU, of action beginning on Tuesday 12 November.

Workers will call for a £15 an hour wage, guaranteed hours and four-week’s notice of shift patterns, the right to be treated with respect by management, an end to the use of ‘youth rates’, and union recognition.

The strike is expected to close branches in Balham, Catford, Crayford, Deptford, Downham and Wandsworth and is being held as part of an international day of action by the International Union of Food Workers.

Fast food workers in New Zealand, Brazil, Chile and France are also expected to demonstrate on the day.

“I need £15 an hour so I can show my son that poverty is not the only option,” one worker, Melissa Evans, told the Morning Star.

“We are tired of being exploited, but together we are powerful. We will win a new deal for McDonald’s workers,” she explained.