Manchester Deliveroo couriers announce Valentine’s strike

Deliveroo couriers in Manchester will go on strike on Valentine's Day, their union the Industrial Workers of the World has announced.

12 Feb 2019| News

Photo by Oliver Cole on Unsplash

The action follows similar walk-outs in Bristol, London and Nottingham with riders across the country demanding fair pay and conditions from the so-called ‘gig’ employer.

Couriers in Manchester are looking for a minimum of £5 per delivery, £8 for a double order, £10 an hour to wait while a kitchen prepares food, and £1 for every additional mile they have to travel, according to the Morning Star.

“Deliveroo refuses to provide adequate cover for illness incurred on the job, and the money we make per delivery is decreasing at a time when inflation is increasing,” one of the couriers – Zahid – explained.

The newspaper quoted union organiser Andy Nesbitt as saying: “We call on Deliveroo to listen and act on these demands and do the right thing by their riders.”