HeartUnions week

A chance to tell the story about why unions are vital for everyone at work, and encourage them to join a union.

14 Feb 2024| News

What’s HeartUnions about?

HeartUnions is a campaign week of activity where the trade union movement celebrates unions and the good that unions do.

The aim is to do two simple things:

1. demonstrate how brilliant unions are by showcasing all that we achieve for working people – especially during the cost-of-living crisis.

2. encourage as many people as possible who are already union members to ask someone they know to join one too.

So, during the week itself, the TUC and trade unions be sharing stories that show unions’ impact and providing reps and members with resources to help them get more people to join a union.

Want a pay rise? Join a union

Union members earn up to £60,000 more than non-union members over their working lives. Unionised workers are paid on average five percent more than other similar workers. Based on average pay, the typical union pay premium is to £12,800 over a decade. So if you want a pay rise, it’s time to join a union.

In the last year, working peoples have been forced to navigate their way through a cost-of-living crisis. The trade union movement has risen to meet this immense challenge, winning significant pay rises and improvements to working conditions for workers in every sector.

Get involved

Unions are running their own HeartUnions campaigns highlighting what they’ve won with and for their members, and encouraging more workers in their respective industries and sectors to join a union.

On social media they’ll be using the hashtag #HeartUnions. Use it to keep in touch with what the TUC and unions are saying, and to publicise your own activities.

Join a union

It’s always good to join a union that’s already active where you work – ask your colleagues, or look for information on your union website or on staff web pages.

Some jobs have unions that look after them specifically. Other jobs don’t – but they are looked after just as well by general unions, who have specialist sections.

If you’re confused about which union to join, our online union finder will help you find the right one.

There’s strength in numbers. So why not see if your friends and colleagues at work want to join up to a union too, and all do it together.

Use the Join a Union tool here.