Contribute to research into working from home

Research is being conducted into the experiences of people working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

9 Sep 2020| News

Professor Phil Taylor is conducting research into the experiences of office workers working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He has published an online survey to gather data that all office workers working from home (or who have recently worked from home) are urged to fill out.

Professor Taylor says: “This is one of the most important surveys you will ever have been asked to complete.

“WFH is unchartered territory – for you, your family, your colleagues, your union and your employer.

“You face an uncertain future. The UK government is trying to drive you back to the office. Obviously, many of you miss working and socialising with your colleagues. However, every worker must be safe and should not be made to return to a hazardous working environment.

“Also, many of you will be WFH for some time, which brings its own problems – whether isolation, lack of space and a proper work station, discomfort or ill-health, unachievable targets or tensions between work and home life.

“Data is urgently needed on your experiences – to give trade unions hard evidence when negotiating with employers to protect you and improve working conditions.”

Please fill out the survey and contribute to this vital research.