ASDA recall to Business Committee welcomed by GMB

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is normally a duck, says GMB Union

6 Jul 2023| News

GMB Union has welcomed Asda’s recall to Parliamentary committee.

The supermarket giant was today asked once again to give evidence before the Business and Trades Committee.

Last week, Asda’s Chief Commercial Officer Kris Comerford told MPs ‘fire and rehire tactics are not something ASDA employs’.

Meanwhile thousands of Asda workers across 39 stores in the South East southern England are set to lose location-based pay supplements and be paid less for night shifts and face dismissal if they refuse to agree.

Asda’s business case over the cuts states: ‘we may potentially serve notice to any remaining colleagues on their existing terms and conditions and offer to re – engage them immediately on the new terms and conditions, providing the relevant contractual notice. Those colleagues would not receive any compensatory payment’.

Nadine Houghton, GMB National Officer, said:

“GMB welcomes the committee’s decision to recall ASDA over their comments during the committee hearing on the 27 June. Workers in 39 ASDA stores across the South East are currently being asked to accept a 60p per hour pay cut.

ASDA has told these members if they do not accept the pay cut, the discredited practice of fire and rehire will be used to impose it.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is normally a duck

It is deeply unfair for ASDA to cut pay during a cost of living crisis, even more so to use fire and rehire to achieve this. They deserve to be treated fairly.”