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Briefing: Freeports and labour standards

Freeports are associated with poorer working conditions across the

Briefing: The Status of Workers Bill

An outline as to the issues the Status of Workers Bill aims to

Relevant health and safety law for workers during Coronavirus

Lord John Hendy QC briefs on the health and safety legislation relevant to workers during the Coronavirus and its implications for working

Whistleblowing about health and safety concerns: some comments about what the law does and does not provide for workers

A detailed look at the rights workers have to blow the whistle on poor health and safety compliance during the

The gaps in the government’s Coronavirus income protection plans

IER Chair, Lord John Hendy QC, warns that millions of workers risk destitution due to gaps in the Job Retention

Article 11(3) of the European Convention on Human Rights

An outline of the engagement of British trade unions with the European Court of Human

Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law

25 recommendations from Rolling out the Manifesto for Labour Law alongside some of the current labour law issues that justify

Surrogacy and maternity rights: making all mothers equal

A landmark case to afford intended mothers in surrogacy arrangements the same maternity rights as other

Implications of the government’s proposals on employment agencies

Professor Sonia McKay interrogates the implications of the Coalition's latest proposals for the regulation of employmebt

Transparency of Lobbying etc. A note on potential human rights implications

The human rights implications of the Transparency of Lobbying

Zero-hours contracts: Some policy proposals

Innovative policy ideas to reduce the damage caused by zero-hours

Beyond Groundhog Day: Can productivity and fairness be improved without further labour law reform?

A comparative review of UK austerity reforms for an Australian
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