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Briefing: Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act 2023 – updated May 2024

Read our latest briefing on The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels)

Briefing: The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act

Read our briefing on The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels)

Briefing: New Deal for Working People: the state of play

An IER briefing on the current status of the Labour Party's 'New deal for working

Briefing: Trade unions and the law – a timeline of attempts to suppress union activity

As labour law becomes more authoritarian, there are lessons to be learned from the

Briefing: A New Deal for Workers

Why we desperately need a New Deal for workers to address the cost of living

Briefing: Work and Health: 50 years of regulatory failure

A briefing to summarise the key points of the

Briefing: Freeports and labour standards

Freeports are associated with poorer working conditions across the

Briefing: The Status of Workers Bill

An outline as to the issues the Status of Workers Bill aims to

Relevant health and safety law for workers during Coronavirus

Lord John Hendy QC briefs on the health and safety legislation relevant to workers during the Coronavirus and its implications for working

Whistleblowing about health and safety concerns: some comments about what the law does and does not provide for workers

A detailed look at the rights workers have to blow the whistle on poor health and safety compliance during the

The gaps in the government’s Coronavirus income protection plans

IER Chair, Lord John Hendy QC, warns that millions of workers risk destitution due to gaps in the Job Retention
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