WATCH: Reconstruction after the crisis: Repaying the nation’s debt to our workers

A free online rally as part of the TUC Congress fringe 2020.

14th September 2020 – 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Rally (online)

About this event

The pandemic revealed to many that some seven million ‘key’ workers, essential to maintain the fabric of society, are amongst the worst paid and least legally protected of the entire workforce. Too often, they suffer from poor terms and conditions, precarious legal status, insecure and unpredictable hours, income and jobs, and lack of protection of their health, safety and wellbeing.

The contrast between their critical role and the terms and conditions under which they work reveals the irrational and unjustifiable nature of the so-called ‘labour market’ in which working people are no more than disposable commodities, ‘human resources’.

But as the ILO set out in 1944, workers are not commodities, but human beings. The economy should be democratised, with each worker’s voice being heard at the very top.

There are clear signs public opinion has swayed against austerity and towards major economic changes. So what do we want and how do we get it? Join us to discuss both.


Profesor Keith Ewing, President of the Institute of Employment Rights

Dave Ward, General Secretary, CWU

Andy McDonald, MP, Shadow Secretary for Workers’ Rights and Protections

Janet Williamson, TUC

Chair: Carolyn Jones, Director of the Institute of Employment Rights