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Health & safety at work after Brexit

6th May 2020 – 10:00 am - 3:30 pm

POSTPONED: This event, run in partnership with Liverpool University, will be discussing what Brexit will mean for Health and Safety at work in 2020.

Employment Law Update 2019 – London

4th December 2019

A report on our recent conference covering changes to employment rights in 2019.

Equality and Discrimination 2019 – London

13th November 2019

A report on our recent conference covering equality law and protecting workers’ rights.

An evening with William B Gould

27th June 2019

How does the UK situation compare to workers’ rights in the US and what can we learn from recent developments in America?

Case law development: labour law review – London

24th April 2019

A report on an event aimed at exploring the relationship between labour law and the workplace.

Employment Law Update 2018: London

10th October 2018

A report on our conference covering changes to employment rights in 2018.

Future of Labour Law: progressive rights under a progressive government – London

14th June 2018

An event report on what progressive workers' rights could look like

Racism at work: London

7th February 2018

Data from as recently as 2015 shows that nearly a third of employees have either witnessed or experienced racism at work

Employment Law Update 2017: London

6th December 2017

Series of talks outlining the key events of the previous year, covering important judicial cases and updated judicial guidlines.

The Future of Equality Law at Work: London

18th October 2017

Will post-Brexit trade dealings lead to a race to the bottom for UK employment and equality rights?

Post-Brexit Employment Rights and Trade Deals: London

19th July 2017

Discussions on the post-Brexit political landscape for workers and their rights.

Migration after Brexit: the challenge for labour standards 2017

15th March 2017

Talks from academics and campaigners on the uncertainties of Brexit's impact on the labour rights of migrant workers.

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