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Employment Law Update 2019 – London

4th December 2019

A report on our recent conference covering changes to employment rights in 2019.

Equality and Discrimination 2019 – London

13th November 2019

A report on our recent conference covering equality law and protecting workers’ rights.

An evening with William B Gould

27th June 2019

How does the UK situation compare to workers’ rights in the US and what can we learn from recent developments in America?

Case law development: labour law review – London

24th April 2019

A report on an event aimed at exploring the relationship between labour law and the workplace.

Employment Law Update 2018: London

10th October 2018

A report on our conference covering changes to employment rights in 2018.

Future of Labour Law: progressive rights under a progressive government – London

14th June 2018

An event report on what progressive workers' rights could look like

Racism at work: London

7th February 2018

Data from as recently as 2015 shows that nearly a third of employees have either witnessed or experienced racism at work

Employment Law Update 2017: London

6th December 2017

Series of talks outlining the key events of the previous year, covering important judicial cases and updated judicial guidlines.

The Future of Equality Law at Work: London

18th October 2017

Will post-Brexit trade dealings lead to a race to the bottom for UK employment and equality rights?

Post-Brexit Employment Rights and Trade Deals: London

19th July 2017

Discussions on the post-Brexit political landscape for workers and their rights.

Migration after Brexit: the challenge for labour standards 2017

15th March 2017

Talks from academics and campaigners on the uncertainties of Brexit's impact on the labour rights of migrant workers.

Access to Justice 2017: London

8th February 2017

IER's first conference of the year updating delegates on the Tribunal Fee debate and its impact on justice for workers.

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