Our work

An overview of the kinds of work the IER does.

Employment law conferences and seminars

Our employment law conferences and seminars aim to update the labour movement on changes to legislation that affect employment and trade union rights, as well as provide critical analysis on current and future policy. Our speakers include politicians, trade unionists and top academics and lawyers in the field of employment rights. We have received consistently positive feedback from our delegates, who are typically trade unionists, lawyers, solicitors, academics and people with an interest in employment rights.

Each conference also comes with ample opportunity for delegates to join the debate and ask questions of our expert speakers.

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Employment law publications and journals

The Institute of Employment Rights normally publishes six employment law publications and journals a year. Our employment law books are written by some of the top experts in the field and provide critical analysis of the latest changes in employment law. Those who subscribe to the Institute of Employment Rights receive free access to all of our publications.

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Subscription services

Subscribers to the Institute of Employment Rights receive a package of benefits including free access to all of our employment law publications and reduced entry fees to our employment law conferences and seminarsClick here to subscribe to the Institute of Employment Rights

Commissioned Work

We conduct research and produce publications commissioned by other organisations, including trade unions. Our role in relation to the trade union movement is to provide expert analysis on policy and our commissioned work is a major part of offering this services.

Briefings and consultation responses

The Institute produces regular briefings on labour law, with our network of experts and academics providing critical analysis and recommendations on all aspects of employment rights and legislation.

The Institute also submits written consultation responses in the defense of employment rights when the government proposes new policy that could put them in danger.

Research Project Work

The Institute also undertakes collective research projects which aim to reveal the current situation for workers and investigate the best way forward for employment law.