DPD offers workers' rights, but lower pay

Submitted by sglenister on Thu, 29/03/2018 - 16:34

29 March 2018

'Gig' employer DPD has offered its couriers - until now ostensibly employed as independent contractors - workers' rights, but those who accept the deal will receive a lower rate of pay.

The company has announced it will offer those who deliver parcels on its behalf the option to be treated as 'workers', 'employees' or 'self employed' - which would provide the rights to the minimum wage, sick and holiday pay, and access to a pension scheme - and will abolish the £150 fines it dishes out to people who need to take a day off.

Sadly, the move has been instigated by the death of DPD courier Don Lane - a diabetic who died after missing hospital appointments due to his fear of being charged for taking time off.

Those who accept the new working arrangements, which will be rolled out in July, will be offered a lower rate of pay for each parcel delivered compared to when the firm classified them as 'independent contractors'.

Cal Waterson, regional organiser for GMB in Scotland, told the Guardian: "We have to wait and see what the pay rates will be before we decide whether this is a good deal."

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